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Included Components

1.  Exercise Cards – Exercise cards with photos and instructions to get you started on your way to reach your goals! Access our 150+ online exercise library for more strength and cardio moves.

2.  Door Anchor – To use with the tubing with handles, attaches to any door to expand your exercise options.

3.  Tubing with Handles – Resistance Tube with Cushioned handles. Can be adjusted to increase/decrease resistance.

4.  Flat Resistance Band – A 4 ft. long flat rubber band to use for a variety of the included exercises. Medium resistance.

5.  Fit2Go Waist Pack – The bounce-free waist pack is the perfect workout and walking companion. It expands to hold your phone, ID, cash and keys. An earphone cable hole accommodates your headphones so you can listen to your favorite music or podcast! The waist pack is lightweight, adjustable and has reflective strips on the zipper for safe outdoor exercise at night.

6.  Safety Light – Hit the road with this super bright (blinking or solid) safety light. It hooks or clips easily to any belt, backpack, bike, jacket – even a dog collar! Perfect for outdoor walking, running, hiking or any activity where you want to be seen and safe.

7.  Resource Hub – Our extensive Resource Hub was developed by wellness experts and offers support, motivation and inspiration. You will find our Fit in 5 Series, 6 Week Workout and Nutrition Plan, 200+ Exercise Library, Motivational Workout Videos, Articles, healthy recipes and more!

8.  Neoprene Case – Store all your fitness and safety tools in this durable, compact and portable case. Only 10” x 4”.

FitKit PRO

  • 10″ x 3″ x 4″ and only 2 lbs!

    Get a total body workout and create healthy habits with the FitKit Pro. Our portable, affordable exercise solution combines workout and safety tools with an extensive online Resource Hub* to help you get and stay healthy anytime, anywhere. Packaged in a sleek, portable, semi-hard neoprene case.


    * Also Included: – Access the The Resource Hub for our 150+ Exercise Library, a 6 Week Workout & Nutrition Plan, Ask the Coaches, our Fit in 5 series and more!


    Volume Pricing Available - Perfect for Corportate Wellness - Add your Logo. Learn More Here.

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